Amazing and fantastic Harry Potter movies

Harry Potter movies is a most popular and famous film series based on the Harry Potter novels written by an author J.K.Rowling; this movie series consists of eight fantastic and amazing parts. This movie series has gained the popularity and publicity in all over the world. This long movie series has mainly four directors who direct the different parts of these movies and give their best direction to this movie. These movies consist of full of magic and action which gives a full entertainment and enjoyment to the viewers.

The Harry Potter movie has produced by the famous producer ‘David Heyman’ which begins this series in 2001, based on the ‘harry potter books.' This series has created a great history of the highest grossing feature film in the world. The character of this film Harry, Ron, and Hermione plays an important role in this series. Hence this is the main characters of this film, and the story of this film is run around these three characters only. The role of Harry Potter has been played by the actor Daniel Redcliff and Ron character by Rupert Grint and Hermione by Emma Watson.
This entire three has done the adorable acting according to their characters, their acting and character has impressed the viewers and gives a great impact on this film. The movie is created by the Warner Bros and made in Leavesden studios and even he produced his each and every film in his production company. The designing of this movie has done by the ‘Stuart Craig ‘who is the production designer of this movie, which has a great contribution in this movie as he designs a huge and adorable sets for this film at Leavesden Studios, while the music has given by the various music directors or composer which gives an adorable and fantastic music to the film. The Harry Potter movies are created great history in the worldwide and have become a most popular movie across the world.