Buy league of legends account VS start a new league of legends account

Why buy LOL accounts when you are thinking, you can get it for free? There are a couple of things that you would enjoy once you buy an account. We want to take a look at all these things and compare when you buy league of legends account against when you start a new league of legends account. First,starting new LOL account takes time to move from level to level and it would definitely depend on how good you are using your champions, skill, weapons and boost. You would definitely need time to get used to these features and that would mean that you would not be competing with other players anytime soon.

While you are on that, you might also be setting a bad record for yourself based on your experience level. When you buy league accounts ; you have the opportunity to use your bought account to play and compete in higher level, in other to get used to the game and still have fun. Then you can decide to go back to your own account and give what you learnt a try. Using LOL account is a great way to practice and get used to your skills. As soon as you buy league account, you have also earned bragging rights for yourself, because you can easily play with anybody and tell them you got to that level all by yourself. An account you bought would give you your levels right on your palm. While a free account would make you spend time to level up and this might take a really long time depending on how fast you learn. Furthermore, you get the chance to use all features and satisfy your curiosity with all the champions instead of waiting for them or spending dollars on them that you could have saved if you buy League of legend account for sale.