Clutch Replacement Guide

The clutch transfers power from your engine to the transmission; pressing the clutch pedal permits the driver to briefly interrupt this method to stop the change or vehicle gears. The embrayage renforcé (reinforced clutch) mechanism has four fundamental parts: the flywheel, clutch disk, pressure plate, as well as the throw- release or out bearing. Vehicles having a hydraulic clutch system additionally have master and slave cylinders. Here is a review of clutches.

Typical prices:
Having a clutch replaced can cost $400-$3,000 or more, depending on the make, model and type of vehicle; whether only the clutch disk needs replacing and the flywheel resurfacing, or if all new components are needed; whether a hydraulic clutch wants new cylinders; and how hard it's to get the clutch. Cost Helper readers report paying$430-$2,505to have a clutch replaced, at an average cost of$1,085; the lowest prices reported were for compact cars with work done by local repair shops, and the maximum price reported by a reader was for a BMW, with the work done by a car dealer. For do it yourself buddy (the job is recognized as hard), individual clutch components can cost$15-$500or more and whole clutch repair kits can cost$100-$800or more, with respect to the make and model of vehicle. Cost Helper readers reporting paying$45-$250for DIY clutch replacement, with the average cost of $147.

What needs to be contained?
The procedure for installing a fresh one and removing a classic clutch, changes according to model, the make and kind of vehicle. According to, on a rear-wheel drive automobile, the driveshaft, transmission and bell housing have to be removed from underneath the car to make it to the clutch; the procedure is much tougher on a front-wheel drive vehicle, because either the engine has to be pulled out or the transaxle lost, both of which require major disassembly work. To reinstall the transmission, the embrayage renforcé has to be totally aligned after everything continues to be bolted together, so the transmission input shaft slips into position.