Do you know about James bond movies?

The craze of watching movies is increasing day by day. People are very excited to watch movies and films because it is the best of passing time. There lots of movies are available such as BollyWood, Hollywood, and much more. But Hollywood is very popular among people because its story is mind blowing. There are lots of fantastic heroes and heroines are available which makes Hollywood films best. But James bond is a very famous actor of Hollywood. It plays a various roles in movies such as detective, agent and much more. James Bond Movies collect lots of amount because it is very popular all over the world.

Best James bond movies: For your eyes only: This movie was released in 1981; it is a fifth film of James bond. The director of this movie is john glen, who is a very popular director of Hollywood. In this movie best locations are show which makes movie more interesting. The casting and story line of this movie is very great. Thunder ball: This movie is a forth film of James bond and it collects large amount of money. It contains high quality underwater scenes which plays an important role in making movie brilliant. The Living Daylights: This movie included in top ten list of James bond. It is released in 1987 and it also collects large amount of money. It is a spectacular film due to this reason it is very popular among people. It is a mixture of touches of comedy and seriousness and also contains action scenes. These films are best James bond movies are very famous in people. People among all over the world go to cinema hall to watch it. The movies of James bond get large amount of collection in box office. Along with these movies there are lots of popular movies of James bond are also available.