Don Johnson’s wife Kelley phleger- her net worth and bio

Do you know about Don Johnson’s wife Kelley phleger? If your answer is no, then here we have gathered full details about her! Kelley phleger took birth in San Francisco California USA. She is school teacher as well as socialite; however, she is known to be wife of though actor named Don Johnson who originally found international popularity in television series of 1980s “Miami Vice”. Let’s see her net worth and bio now!

Wealth of Don Johnson’s wife Kelley phleger Mid 2018 sources estimated Kelley net worth to be about $2 million. This net worth is earned during her successful career. Also, her husband elevated her net worth, his husband’s net worth is $40 million and it is expected that her wealth will continue to increase as she continued to put effort. Bio- There is not much information available about Kelley’s life and also there is no information available about her family till now. All that is known, is she studied at urban high school and completed matriculation from there then she goes to university of California, Berkeley. Here she completed her bachelor degree. Kelley had been in relationship before she met Don. While Don was known to have failed marriages but got success by Miami vice this made him leading world’s sex icon of all times.
Marriage of Kelley phegler- Johnson and Kelley met during the birthday party that sparked relationship between the two. They dated for 2 years and then Don realized something that made two of them to marry in year in 1999. Johnson seen various ups and down while his career and said that his wife’s support throughout those time meant a lot. Kelley maintained her privacy and thus, she lack any social media account. This is the reason behind very less information about her past life. Click Here To Get More Information Don Johnsons Wife Kelley Phleger.

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