Gps tracker and its consequences

Most of us are using Gps tracker in our phone. This tracker was invented at United States and has been controlled by US Government to improve the steering system of the military region. This invention has marked a revolution in tracking system. This is generally a satellite built radio navigation system. Now the Gps tracker is being vastly used by the common people also.

Advantages of GPS system- This tracking system are basically a device which helps to locate the position and the location of the person or vehicle carrying the device with them. These tracking devices come in various types and sizes. • Some of the cars have the device installed in it. But if the thing is not available in the car then it can be installed later also. • One can have the traffic and weather update through the Gps tracker system which is very helpful for taking real time decision in many aspects. • Some of the Gps tracker has the facility of searching a desire location. By the help of it we can easily locate any road or restaurant or anything like this and also can have the direction from our current location. Many smartphones contain a steering system that we can keep at our fingertips. Drawbacks of Gps tracker- Gps trackers suffer from serious limitations too. • Sometimes due to the system issue and internet connection problem it cannot give us the proper location or position. • Also due to the changes of road names it sometimes provides inaccurate data and direction. For that we can face much trouble for it. • It may take more time to update the data. So we have to wait a little more for the more accurate data. Numerous types of devices- Various types of tracking device are availablethere in the market. The features and working procedure are dissimilar to each other. And these are- • DATA pusher • GPS loggers • Hardwired tracker • Plug in Tracker • Battery powered tracker • Personal tracker