Guide For Hiring a Maid in Singapore

Using the service of the best maid agency in Singapore. It's possible for you to use the service of an accredited agency in Singapore. All bureaus that were accredited are issued using a license number that you will soon find a way to test through the Ministry of Manpower site. The maid bureau cost entailed and will tell you definitely on the breakdown of the fees.

Choose your maid profile that is wanted. You will be provided by the bureau with the biodata of the maids easily available for employment. It's possible for you to look through their bio data and choose a few which you believe that might satisfy your needs. An interview can be arranged by some agency along with your desirable foreign workers through call or webcam even when she's not in Singapore. You'll need to make a meeting together with the maid agency to arrange for an interview. For those who have some expectations for the maid, do let the agency know so they give you the best biodata to your thought. Attending the Companies' Orientation Plan (EOP).you'll have to have to attend a 3 hour Companies' Orientation Program (EOP) if it's the very first time that you're employing a maid. This software makes it possible to understand your role and obligations as an employer of a maid.
You do it online or can choose the EOP either.
• Classroom EOP: $28-$30.
• On-Line EOP: $40.
The maid bureau will process and apply in your stead for the mandatory work permit and paper work with MOTHER. Do note that all companies are necessary to buy private accident insurance to your maid. All this will be processed by the bureau and is generally already included within their service bundles Set of maid from your airport and medical checkups, instruction manuals. The service of the best maid agency in Singapore generally does this. After arriving in Singapore, all first time maids are needed to attend a 1 day orientation program within 3 days. The Settling-In Plan (SIP) helps to prepare them on security precautions and residing in Singapore.