How the American odds format works

The common odds formats a football bookie is likely to use are fractional odds, decimal odds and American odds. Of the three odds formats, the American odds format also known as Moneyline Odds are very difficult for new punters to understand. The American odds format is very common in the United States and some Asian bookies are also using this format on their sites. While it is true that all online bookmakers provide different odds formats for their users, it is still important to understand the American odds format and how it works.

When betting on a given sport such as football, the American odds show punters the exact amount of money they need to stake in order for them to win $100.For example, if the odds of a certain football event are displayed in American odds of -210, a punter would need to stake $210 to win $100. If the score or the final result of the event shows that the punter has won the event, the punter will win the $210 that was initially wagered and the $100 which is the profit of the wager. In this case, the punter will get a total of $310 for wagering on the event. If a punter wants to place a bet on an underdog in a given football event, the American odds in this case will work slightly different. For example, if a punter wants to back a team whose odds are displayed as +150, these odds are simply showing the punter how much money the punter will win if he/she decided to place a wager of $100. Therefore, if the punter wins the bet, the punter will receive the original $100 and $150 in winnings. This will leave the punter with an overall amount of $250. Basically, understanding how American odds formats work is the best way of wagering on different events at afootball gambling agentsite. Click here for more information online cockfighting (sabung ayam online)