How to buy the best pair of headphones

When you buy a headphone you should not only look at the specs and pricing but one more very important point to consider is the comfort level. Unless you try on a particular pair, you would never know how they fit you, and how comfortable you are with the sound effects. So what can you do to make the perfect purchase of the best headphones under 200?

Online reviews – You probably do not want to buy headphones completely believing what you read online. But mind you, reviews are an excellent way to find out what other customers think and experience. This will certainly help you in narrowing your choices. Also have a look at some professional reviews. They would give you a great idea of what are the best headphones under 200. Warranty and durability – You definitely need to buy something which is durable and lasts you a while. Also have a look at the warranty features. Most good models would give you at least a year of two of warranty. Comfort – Before buying we suggest that you try on the headphones and leave them for say 15 minutes or more if you can. There are some headphones which might feel comfy in the start but your ears might hurt after a while. To determine the comfort levels and fit this is the best way to go about it. You would definitely be able to find some very comfy and best headphones under 200.
Sound – The sound is probably the next most important feature which should determine your purchase. The best idea would be to listen to old music. Even if it doesn’t interest you, we suggest that before you purchase a headphone you test them with old music. It is a great indicator of the range of sound that a headphone can present to you. It would help you test the frequency response too. Classical music is also a good idea, as it uses several instruments and would help you with the range.