How to save YouTube videos is described here?

A lot of people have aquestion about how to save youtube videos. Here you will be provided with the best solution. You have come across the option of saving videos on you tube, but the option is simply the opposite which you think of. You actually can save the link and go offline. You need to be always online in order to enjoy the videos.

Know how to save YouTube videos • You need to follow very simple steps. First of all, you need to copy the link of the video you want to download. • Then you need to open another link of the website to get the webpage. Now you need to paste the link. • After you paste the link in the respective area of the website you need to choose the option of clarity. • You can even choose only the audio or the higher or lowest clarity whichever you prefer. After choosing the clarity, you need to start the download. While the video is being downloaded, you can do some other works or watch other you tube videos. After the download is completed, you will receive a message or notification. The video will be saved to the internal memory of the respective device. You can move the video to other storage areas and keep the video forever with you. You can even send the videos to other friends. You can even share the videos on social media. Now you have got the answer about how to save YouTube videos.
How do you get the webpage? • You need to type the correct name of the website in the search area and search online. • You can also get the link and directly open the website. Unlike other applications, you do not have to download it and install so as to run. You can simply use the website and the link which will be enough to know how to save YouTube videos.