Kit Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is the most common and sought after tattoo removal technique. This method is less painful as compared to most of the other removal procedures. Though the sessions required in removing the tattoo are more but it is worth the time and effort as the results are desirable. Kit tattoo does the work easily and effectively with no or minimal pain.

As is evident from the name this technique uses Laser to remove the tattoo. The most frequently used Lasers are Q-switched ND:Yag, Q-switched Ruby and Q-switched Alexandrite. When enrolling for a laser tattoo removal session an eye patch is given to protect your eyes from the laser and a skin patch testing is done to see if there is any reaction to the skin and at the same time it also enables to determine the frequency at which the laser is most effective for tattoo removal. Usually a cream is applied prior to the treatment to make the skin of the tattooed area numb, but it is not essential for everyone to use. It basically depends on the threshold of pain that you can bear. Among the various tattoo supply kits and products, the removal cream or the laser methods is also one among them. Laser treatment works by using rapid pulses of highly concentrated light onto the tattoo which breaks the ink into tiny fragments. The wavelength passes through the top layer of the skin breaking up the pigment filled cells that are flushed naturally by the body. The more the sessions, more effective the laser can penetrate and destroy the ink. The side effects of having many sessions can be scarring but this varies from person to person depending on how long the tattoo has been on the body and the tattoo’s size and location. Kit tattoo helps to get this process done easily as well. It is important to go to a good laser tattoo removal surgeon and follow the instructions given by the doctor to take care of the treated area. The laser tattoo removal method is surely a safe, convenient and effective way to get the tattoo removed.