Norton Antivirus - Are You Really Infected Or Protected?

Norton Antivirus is definitely the most used Norton Activation used now. The software is pre-installed on more or 80% of all new Windows based computers which is good thing because most consumers buying new computers are likely to have either Dsl connection or a Broadband. Each computer connected to the Internet requires Anti Spyware or an Antivirus installed while online. What most consumers don't know is this software is installed as a trial subscription. If you blow off the renewal warnings which mean your protection software won't be upgraded? Most virus protection software make use of a database of understand viruses that compare the files in your hard disk.

If the files fit it repaired or is deleted and you'll be notified. When needed the virus database is updated daily if not hourly. The software was installed but was about to expired although I've observed examples with Norton Activation. The computer was running really slow. The computer hard drive was always whirling and the customer wasn't pleased with the operation of their PC. So just why does this happen. I don't understand and I don't have the information to let you know this may happen to your Personal Computer or why I can clarified to why you have to maintain your virus protection updated. For those who have this software installed on your own pc plus it is running slower than normal. Your computer is the most probably infected. Here would be the steps to take hitter than ever and to get your pc running faster. • Remove from your computer. Go to control panel after which add/remove it. reboot. • Depending on your own version you have to get the Norton Removal Tool. Download reboot and run. • Now you have to dispose of any potential infections. Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware • Installed Antivirus and Anti Spyware protection software.