Pinoy TV's popularity

With shows produced by major broadcast networks from the Philippines, Pinoy TV has got huge popularity. Pinoy TV and Pinoy Tambayan website features drama, movies, comedy, cooking shows etc. Pinoy TV is integrated with GMA network. Launched in 2005, GMA Pinoy TV is currently available in the US, Canada, Japan, Guam, Saipan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Madagascar, and the British Indian Territory of Diego Garcia. The channel is also available in 49 countries in Europe, 16 countries in the Middle East, and 11 countries in North Africa. Pinoy TV is now being broadcast by COX Communications in Tucson and Arizona.

GMA Pinoy TV began inserting English subtitles in certain shows so as to make them understandable for international viewers also. The subscribers of Pinoy TV and Pinoy Tambayan have been increasing rapidly. Artists are sent to promote GMA Pinoy TV its shows, to celebrate Philippine Independence Day and Filipino Culture Fiestas. GMA Pinoy TV's Kapuso Abroad magazine got huge popularity. It upheld excellence in marketing the Kapuso brand. To keep the subscribers updated about their favorite Kapuso stars, this magazine was introduced. The magazine has become a favorite item distributed in Filipino community events. For GMA Pinoy TV, it has also been a useful tool for the call center representatives. The magazine now can be viewed online. Apart from this Pinot TV features live streaming of few shows also. Sport events, trending videos, viral clippings can be viewed on this website. GMA Pinoy TV continues to uphold excellence. Their efforts in reaching different cultural segments have been amazing. Pinoy Tambayan became popular and got huge following through their creative and innovative marketing strategies. It has been very successful targeting Filipinos all around the globe to keep them updated with latest tv shows and news. It has promoted few awareness programs also. Pinoy TV helped raise funds for its orthopedically handicapped members as well as a part of its social responsibility. Click here for more information Pinoy Channel