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The main theme of computer sex or cyber-sex is the sex video chat It is the main attraction of the so-called cyber-sex, Internet sex or net sex. It is a virtual sex doing platform, where no physical contact is possible. Here two or more people are connected remotely with the help of the internet or any other networking system to send sexual messages to each other. This may be with voice or without a voice. But video transmission is a must. If the system is not compatible with voice, then only text messaging can be applied. In this way, the participants accomplish their sexual desire.

How to do Adult video chat? If you are interested in doing adult video chat, at first, you need to log in to a website that hosts the video chat server. Then you will be given an option to choose your nickname and sexual orientation details. After filling up the form appropriately, you will be directed to the video chat server to chat with others. Different types of live nude chat servers There are different types of chat servers. Some allow you to chat anonymously. Some others will let you video chat with random participants. Depending on the chat servers, there are mainly two types of protocols exist. They are: - o Video chat at random o Video chat in a chartroom.
Sex video often consists of real physical masturbation. Cyber-sex can be done with completely unknown persons, or it can be done with persons that you know previously. The quality of cyber-sex improves when you virtually visualize your partner's feelings and create a clear, vivid mental picture of your partner. You can use a webcam to clearly picture your partner's detailed picture. When you do sex video chat anonymously, be sure that your privacy is being completely protected.