Termitesand Your Finances

Have you see an inflated balloon before? Imagine that inflated balloon is punctured with a pin; it will be automatic to see deflation. The deflation is as a result of the hole that is created on the balloon by the pin. This hole makes it possible for air to escape thereby causing deflation. Though the hole could be small, it is still capable of causing deflation. The similitude of this deflation can be experienced even in finances. It is not just enough to make money or be wealthy. It is also imperative to safeguard your money from loss. For instance, you should not allow จิ้งจก (lizard) to feed on your foodstuffs. They could gradually reduce your foodstuffs, which definitely have a consequential effect on your finances. The effect might look inconsequential at first but with the passage of time, if it is not controlled, it could result in colossal loss.

The same is true for Termites(ปลวก) infestation. They could burrow into your furniture and render them useless. The accessories of the furniture does not scare them neither are they frightened by the location. All they strive for is to make an abode while they wreak havoc in some unimaginable ways. It is not impossible for you to keep changing furniture while they would still continue causing damage. This is especially true if the environment is conducive for their habitation. It could start from a small hollow but overtime, a small hollow could be seen to have become a big crack. Losses in finances do not necessarily present itself or appear as such on the surface. It could be gradual. Unfortunately, gradual losses seem not to be easily noticeable. One could still believe all is well when it is not. Calculating all the amounts you have spent on repair and replacements of your wooden items could make you see that you have incurred more cost than you should. Termite control (กำจัดปลวก) is necessary so that you can channel your finances to the right quarters.