The big manufacturers carry China to amazon FBA.

You will ask how it works and what benefits I get from being a fba forwarder, then we explain it step by step and in a practical way, the first thing that we have to say is that Amazon dunes with a huge distribution network and has a loyal and loyal clientele. committed that has it as their main option to buy any product, loyalty that has been earned based on respect, consider and favor their customers, when someone enters Amazon does thinking about buying something, that is, do not get to it by accident or redirected, which makes the products displayed there are visible to millions of people around the world. While Amazon is in charge of the promotion, collection, shipping and handling of complaints, you are sitting improving your products.

To be FBA all you do is list the products you are going to offer with the detailed description of their characteristics and uses, prepare them under the required standards and send them to the Amazon stores where once they were received they would be inventoried and every time an order they take care of the shipment, either by the regular way or by applying Prime time that decreases the delivery time to two days, you have no storage limit and your products can be sent as they have been purchased on another platform, the backup de amazon gives the customer the confidence and security at the time of purchase, the collection and handling of doubts and complaints is handled by the amazon team. Your only concern will be to have enough inventory and properly package and label the goods so that they are available, at any time. The expenses of this whole process are infinitely less than what you would have to pay if, pretending to bring China to Amazon FBA, you had to hire huge amounts of people to do all that work. The advantages are enormous and all will help to grow your business.

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