Top knowledge and skills quality assurance specialists must possess

A person given the position of a Call Quality Assurance specialist must have certain skills and knowledge since this position is critical to the success of the quality assurance program. It is important that a quality assurance specialist should possess good job knowledge. In other words, to effectively, objectively and accurately evaluate call center agents, it is essential that a quality assurance specialist possess impregnable knowledge of systems, services, products, procedures and processes. If the quality assurance specialist is hired externally, it is recommended that the individual should complete an all-encompassing training course which includes exhaustive coverage of all services, products, guidelines, procedures and policies that call center agents are expected to adhere to when advising customers or processing customer transactions.

The Call Center QA specialist must also possess system knowledge. This simply means that the individual must exhaustively be knowledgeable and trained on all the systems, which call center agents are using to process orders or handle customer problems or inquiries. In addition, the quality assurance specialist must be exhaustively trained in navigating quality assurance management applications to be able to play back, search and retrieve calls, respond to evaluation feedback from call center agents and create evaluations. The specialist must also be trained in accessing and using reports from various quality applications as well as creating ad hoc reports. Quality assurance program mechanics is also another important skill a Call QA specialist must have a good understanding of. It is important that the specialist has a good understanding of all quality assurance monitoring processes, which includes how to select chat sessions, emails and calls. The person must also possess a good understanding on the frequency or number of evaluations he/she is expected to complete and how to effectively coach the call center agents. A good quality assurance specialist is also one who is well respected by all call center agents. click here for more information about Call Center QA