UC Browser Today Enables iOS users to download and save files from the cloud

Mobile internet business, UC Internet, has enabled cloud downloads from the latest upgrade of the iPhone edition of its internet browser, UC mini. This basically means that consumers may choose to download files on UC Internet's host and retrieve them at a subsequent stage in time. This function is particularly helpful when a user needs to download a huge file and does not have good connectivity or comes across something helpful but does not need to incur data prices and could retrieve the file later when he is in a position to get Wi-Fi connectivity.

The organization informed NDTV Gadgets that consumers may get 70MB of server space (with no expiration date) and 2GB of temporary distance (valid up to 7 days) for keeping files on UC Web's host, by simply registering for a UC accounts with their email ID or Facebook ID. Users may save files bigger than 70MB for seven days, and a push notification informs them concerning the expiry of the temporary space. Whenever users experience a downloadable file, they could go to the download manager and also select to download the movie from the Cloud on UC Web's servers. UC Web asserts that the storage is protected and all files saved are only available to the consumer that has downloaded them. Apart from cloud downloads, the new release v8.9 of this browser also provides a 'watch offline' attribute by which users may cache movies and view it at a subsequent time within the browser. Additionally, it offers a Download Manager which helps users manage their information in an efficient fashion, more or less behaving as a file browser, automatically exporting downloaded files into pre-categorized folders like video, music, pictures, and zip files. The download manager also alerts the consumer ahead of the file download in case that the file isn't compatible with all the iPhone, preventing the user from downloading incompatible files, saving on the data time and cost. UC mini also supports Gesture Control, which lets users open a new tab or change between multiple tabs using the gesture. In addition, it permits users to change between Night-and-Day styles and shuffle the topics of this browser by manually shaking the apparatus.