Why direct selling and multilevel marketing are not the same

Many people use direct selling and multilevel marketing interchangeably. The truth is that direct selling and multilevel marketing are not the same. Direct selling simply describes the general business model whereby an independent contractor, distributor or representative to a direct selling company such as Qnet sells a company's products or services directly to other people or consumers. A representative in this case becomes a direct seller and can sell products directly to consumers in different ways. For example, the direct seller can sell products door-to-door or through the internet. In direct selling, a direct seller does not have a fixed location for selling a company's products or services.
However, there are many direct sellers who work from home. As far as multilevel marketing is concerned, this allows representatives to work from any location. In addition, a representative working for a company like Qnet sells products and services to other consumers directly. The only difference is that in multilevel marketing, this business model allows representatives to make more money from referring or recruiting other people to work for the multilevel marketing company. This means that if a person works for a multilevel marketing company, the person will be able to make money both from their sales and the sales made by their recruits and recruits of their recruits down the line. This is why this type of business is referred to as "multilevel".
It is also important to understand that many companies in the direct selling industry are also multilevel marketing companies. Whether multilevel marketing or direct selling, the advantage is that there are no restrictions to becoming a representative of either type of business. This is because the starter kits for becoming a representative in both cases are the same. People work for direct selling companies such as Qnet because they are able to make a lot of money from selling products and services directly to consumers.

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